TRESemmé Fashion Week Campaign

Following its sponsorship of Fall Fashion Week, TRESemmé wanted to project more ownership over the Spring Fashion Week event. Surrounding the event in Bryant Park, the campaign’s bright palette brought life to its grey winter surroundings, while still delivering the attitude required on the streets of Manhattan.  

TRESemmé TRESpass

Be privy to the best-kept secrets Pro Stylists use on their celebrity clients—without bribing any security guards. Join TRESemmé TRESPass, the exclusive group that gives immediate access to all things style and fashion.

Identifying Trends

Kimberly-Clark paper products are everywhere, and most people use them every day. To add some excitement to the Kimberly-Clark Innovation Summit, a presentation to their largest retailers, a custom-made paper font became the hero, communicating the thinking that goes into product development.

“3 Things” Book Cover

What’s more fun (and more difficult) than agency self-promotion? Challenging questions must be asked and answered. The agency’s personality must come though with exacting precision. TRIS3CT is the intersection of  3 Things: People, Brands and Ideas.

Coca-Cola Global Bottle Launch

Coca-Cola is an iconic brand with worldly appeal but, with the aluminum bottle, the company chose to address a specific market segment. The experiential marketing effort reintroduced the brand to hipsters and, in effect, replaced their cocktail glasses with aluminum bottles, always served cold for maximum impact.

Global Recycling Initiative

Imagine a world with zero waste. Where things aren’t thrown away, they’re turned into something new. By encouraging consumers and retailers to become part of The Cycle that can change an empty plastic bottle into almost anything, the world becomes a better place. Landing Page Video

The global program, launched in conjunction with McDonald’s “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” Happy Meal, encourages kids to get active and see what a difference a minute can make.

Fruit & Walnut Salad Launch

To generate awareness and trial for their first-ever fruit salad, McDonald’s did something never done before: turn a salad fork into a sample. The “green fork” came with a trial offer  right inside the cutlery packaging, included with every purchase during the launch. This iconic, bright green symbol of freshness became the campaign’s lead image.

McDonald’s Arch Card Launch

The brief was to invent, design, build and launch a new McDonald’s card to replace the classic McDonald’s gift certificates.